Our fleet consists mainly of high volume vehicles of maximum cubic volume of 120 m3.

Moreover, we have open trailers which are adapted to carry special and oversized loads with the maximum length of 23 metres. Our semi-trailers enable transport of loads with a height of 3,5 metres and are adjusted to carry various types of machinery and devices which must be transported under the tarpaulin. To better meet our customers’ needs, we therefore decided to extend the offer by the doppelstock trailers. Due to their innovative construction we are allowed to provide a shipment up to 66 Euro pallets on board. In our regular offer we have trucks with a tarpaulin cover with a maximum capacity of 25 tones. All our trailers are monitored in a real time so that our customer can have complete control of their shipments and check the location of the transported goods at any time. All our vehicles meet the strict euro 5 and euro 6 standards for fume emissions.